Duets and trios

People and things arise wherever they choose to appear. The photographer’s eye may succeed in catching them in their singularity. But a second glance may also consist in an assembling work, creating artificial twinnings between objects or figures that reality never had thought of putting together. This is what this essay tries to do.
 Life, still life.
 Emperor Qins army
 Furies 2
 Wet stone
 Siamese twins
 Froth on a daydream
 Fresh water landscape
 Birth of a swirl
 Fiat lux
 From rubber to rubber
 The spirit of pop
 Red is a color
 The sunshades
 The dreaming jewels 1
 The dreaming jewels 4
 The dreaming jewels 2
 The dreaming jewels 3
 The apricot fresco
 The Blues B. trilogy
 No way out