Frédéric Bully, photographer

Pictures are everywhere. A reminder of our desperate attempts at catching pieces of reality that always break loose, attempts at stabilizing and preserving things which can never be achieved. There are so many of them sometimes that we are tempted to substitute them for reality.
My photography work has no further purpose : just like Japanese woodblock prints, Ukiyo-e, my pictures are only temporary interpretations of a floating world. They are no more and no less real than this floating world itself. On a computer screen, their lifetime does not exceed a connection and on print, barely more so. In any case, none of them will last beyond the viewer's gaze.
This gaze is the only reality and I have come to accept its impermanence. It inspires me and gives life to my work. I do not know what could be more sought after.
My photographic project has no goal beyond that fleeting exhibition.

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